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🍃 Wild Hemp 0% THC cannabis Hempettes 🌴 🚬 100% legal so don’t go trying to block me YouTube

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  1. I’m more interested in your saltwater set up in the back 👀👀

  2. bought these and also hemptrance brand, The wild hemp has zero cbd in them. while the hemptrance has 12%!!! i bought both of mine from @t they did charge me 5.00 to ship tho

  3. This is bio mass. That's what "wild hemp" is. It's just the plant with no thc, then they cut em all up and put them in this garbage bag and sell em for 10 a pop..

    And it does absolutely nothing

  4. Bought these on vacation and my whole family says it smells like I’m smoking straight bud. But to me it taste like how a joint smells if that makes any sense. Never got high on them, smoked a few and they’re okay just wouldn’t suggest smoking them at your work or group outing

  5. I don't know what you are talking about. These are AMAZING. I have high functioning autism and these help me alot to calm down when I am getting overwhelmed or super stressed. These work amazing but I guess to each his own. We cant all be right 😉

  6. Fuck these things i smoked half a pack over the course of 2 days and dropped dirty for probation

  7. I get randomly drug tested at work I hope these won’t make me fail the test ..

  8. Smoking this shit is literally pointless, just smoke some god damn weed and get high 😂

  9. They are good for those who wanna stop smoking. Works for me. Its not stems its leaves. LOL organtica shitt and it's good.

  10. They are not zero thc. They will make you fail a screen. Took three tests and they came back positive

  11. So 0.0 percent thc right? Won’t show up on a screen? It smells like bud for real and I have a screen for probation after smoking half a pack of these babies.

  12. So from my experience you get a buzz after smoking two btw you'll pass a drug test if you're curious.

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