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🌱 Medical Cannabis Update: DISCOURAGED but Determined! 😤 (2/25/19)

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  1. I found cbd alone wasn’t enough, years of medication and pain meds build your tolerance to it.

  2. Don’t give up I’m still trying it too I want it to work because it’s our only hope!!!

  3. For some patient the cbd cancels out the thc is why I say avoid all cbd once a tolerance exist it really begins to make it impossible too feel the thc. What works best is to use several strains. Curaleaf has the best vape pen and truclear is epic love it curaleaf has it as well. Three syringe I use is a 1:1 ratio delta8 oh wow ok so you did try it I like it a- lot you need to dab it go to the local head shop and buy some paraphernalia look up how to dab on yt lot of info the oral and subq don't work well for me as well. But I tried the lil pen to work cuz u can't even do a full dab size. But use a dab straw and omg off a dab pad or a rig. Idk what ya use

    You might not have a high tolerance as much as the "legal" paraphanalia doesn't cut it if u have tolerance. The cbd also can cancel the thc so try that. I'll try the rso now cuz I'm tolerant as I've been smoking 20+yrs as well and can see myself going to three same lengths n go thru so much med cuz the ROA is not effective as the way we did it before med way we do rec will work for you if a move to CO. We're affordable I would do it just for my health n above the curve they're compared to other states like us in fl here have been behind by far! But perhaps before going that far try thc only for a few weeks or more as cbd may take the same 30 days to get out of yore system? Idk how ling it's effects last cuz I can't feel it. Anyways

    Does mu? Moo move? How is it spelled? Do they deliver cuz I don't have any locations near me. Lol

  4. Boom ther's the issue of the ratios try going with delta8thc ratios to delta9thc if anxiety is an issue I highly recommend it. Lol but seriously it's done me wonders and to me the cbd is fkn snake oil I don't even think it's useful for our needs it's great for the seizures and stuff like that the parents were getting arrested for treating with a few yrs back when things were crazy but j digress.

    Try using only thc products and see if you're not less discouraged. As for me I feel not all but some a lot actually of your pain hence why my name it seems we were thinking alike when we created our accts. Lol but I would try strictly thc products and that includes the delta8 ratio I am going to be ordering them regularly as I've never found anything else that's worked so well for sleep anxiety pain etc any way gtg cuz my cat lmao

  5. Jaquie, have you tried any of the Florida's Finest? I've been looking into Black Jack; it scores really high on pain on Leafly.

  6. Hey I recently got my GJ tube I was recently in the hospital for a month for my type one diabetes hypoglycemia and severe gastroparesis your channel gave me so much strength and positivity I am working on my own channel and vlogs

  7. I hope you find something that works for you. I just tuned back into your channel after about a year and I’m so glad you are finally able to enjoy food rather than having to fight through meals. Best wishes!

  8. I was given a new med called Belbuca(small patch applied to the inside of your cheek) that has helped me tremendously with my chronic pain. Now I don't know if cannabis doc wld let you use both. My husband did read that using both makes a huge difference in pain. I'm going to a cannabis doc for first time in Oklahoma in few weeks. Hoping he will be willing to prescribed both. Your outlook on life is inspiring…thanks for sharing so much. God Bless

  9. You should try Vidacann. They have some of the strongest products I have tried yet, and I’ve been to Trulieve, Curaleaf, Surterra, and Grow Healthy.

  10. I know nobody will see this but I'm gonna comment anyway so
    I suffer from Ehlers danlos syndrome, Mast cell activation syndrome, and POTS I know you have these disabilities and I know you have Harlow, but does she help with any of them? im just curious because I want a service dog if one can help with any of the issues I have. thanks!

  11. Hope this helps. This will help you to get a bigger Inhalation, therefore a bigger dose! So try this with Muv concentrates: Crumble, Shatter, Sauce. Or even truclear or any distillate or concentrate. Remember you need A Lot bigger dose than Jamie does in the video. I go about 4x the size of her peice. Then make edibles or use RSO orally during the day and Inhalation in evening and at bedtime.

  12. Feco paste! 160 times stronger than Feco oil. (Full extract Rick Simpson oil)Strongest, affordable, triple the dose if you are losing the fight, you have not got it high enough, yet. You can make it yourself with a Lift for proper decarb and a coffee grinder and 10 hours in an oil bath of 180 degrees which is cheaper than a trip to the dispensary. Take care.

  13. Yes! Despite never trying it before this, you do have an huge tolerance for cannabis because of your high tolerance for narcotics. I have the exact same issue except I don’t have a MJ card & can’t get product from dispensaries. And we have like 4 just in the Melbourne/Palm Bay, FL. However, it’s great to know your experience with them. Now, I still have to use narcotic pain medications as well. You need a balance of both cannabis & painkillers. I know your pain doc said you had to choose, & that’s not fair in the least. My pain doc knows I smoke/partake & understands that & encourages it.

    You seem to have caught on to the fact that you need the Indica strain. Indica = In-da-couch is the easiest way to remember the effect. It’s the proper strain for pain relief. I get 1000mL THC Indica vape oil for $50.

    I have done a ton of research into cannabis & also life in Florida & I’d be happy to mentor you! As long as you mentor me! 😀

  14. The expense of MMJ is more than many can afford, especially when pain meds are covered by insurance while other methods of treatment are not covered. Access to all forms of treatment should be available to chronic pain patients. It's so frustrating having to spend so much for something that isn't helping. So again I will advocate for chronic pain patients and proper medical treatment for pain, to join other's in advocating go to

  15. I know you want a natural product for your pain, but have you considered any other plants besides marijuana? Kratom, for example? Have you seen a naturopathic doctor to see if there are any plants that can help with your pain?

  16. Have you experienced any impairment at all with any of the products you tried?

  17. Try a nectar collector. The strain that works best for pain for me is blue cheese strain. I'm still in the trial and error phase as well! For appetite I use girl scout cookies strain with high cbd.

  18. You need to take FULL SPECTRUM , ACTUAL FLOWER that you can mix it with many flowers some high cbd some thc the plant material has an umbrella effect.

    Rso is just add on to the medical cannabis treatment. Rso should be taken 3 -4 times a day in addition to plant material trough out the day.

  19. I really wish cannabis was legal federally, so patients like us could get stuff from different places to try. I’m in the same boat as you, except it’s more difficult for me to get to dispensaries since they’re all at least an hour and my legs don’t work to drive. Tinctures work great for my gastroparesis issues and a little for pain. I still can’t find anything that’s truly effective for pain. The RSO sounds really interesting but it’s not available here.

    I also have hEDS, MCAS, POTS and gastroparesis.

  20. Keep going Im sure you will find the right dose try also the mixture of cannabis and coconut oil as capsules just a thought.

  21. Buy some gelatin capsules to put the RSO in. You can get them at GNC or online. RSO takes like 3 hours to kick in. Did you take a grain of rice size? Anyways….that's what they suggest but a pin head is best to start. But, I'm sure you've figured this out by now. You can also buy a "generic" RSO for about half the price.

  22. not gonna lie I would stop w the canabis and go back to the pain doctor

  23. Can't your Dr. just refer you to a different pain Dr. or is it law now that if you use medical marijuana you can't get other help? If so, that is ridiculous. They can kill a woman's baby at birth if she don't want it but God forbid someone needs pain meds legitimately… Sorry but this world is beyond upside down. I'm irritated you're even having this issue. Much love Hun.. Good luck…

  24. Are you mixing enough CBD with the THC, as the only way you can process the THC is with equal or more CBD. That's a huge thing. Please try to keep that in mind. Like you said you have a high tolerance your body may not be converting the THC actively. This could really make a difference.

  25. I've heard that making rectal suppositories with you cannabis can be very effective. Something to look into maybe.

  26. It's crazy how we all metabolize cannabis differently. 1 or 2 puffs of a low thc and I'm done lol. Could it be that you metabolize it differently because of your EDS?

  27. Budtenders that are knowledgeable is really a gift. You have a great selection. My dispensaries sell the same things generally. One of them has its own line. Due to that, the budtenders there can talk chemical structure and really help me figure out the science. They've been life savers. It doesn't solve my pain as much as it distracts me. I'm still trying to find my right product. It sounds like rso might be the way to go.

  28. Thanks for sharing all of that very interesting. it is interesting that the relaxed brain feeling you get helps with the pain, it is one of the things many have considered that autistic individuals have swelling in the brain at a certain level that
    cause issues but not enough to show up on some tests. Have you ever had a brain MRI? There are spect tests that can reveal many things including activity in the brain under certain conditions. In dogs, we call it vaccinosis the brain swells from vaccines which can also occur from meds and illness and so on, many vets do not recognize it except the holistic ones and they have healed many a dog to behave more normally permanently especially when adding it to cognitive therapy to support the healing to the brain. The brain is amazing in its plasticity, one can see many TED Talks on this my medical professionals. Plus Homeopaths try to determine the individual’s susceptibility, i.e. Individual weaknesses in the vital force, to both cure and prevent a re-occurrence of symptoms.
    Here is some infor for those on vape pens and asthma

    Also consider herbalists and naturopaths and knowledgeable nutrititionists that are holistic and evidence based, they can go over foods and drugs that may affect each other and other herbs and oils that can provide help like CBD and THC and others as well. Like poppy seeds are yes filled with opium So there are ways to help the guy and hurt it and also how to help and hurt the body, it is an amazing journey, not easy but with the right help help can be on the horizon.
    Prayers and blessings, please keep sharing.
    ps-homeopath encouragement how one gal recommends the journey with patience like others to find a way-

  29. Hey Jaquie, So I just want to try and encourage you. I know it can be super discouraging when you have such a high tolerance that its gonna cost like $60 a day! I was ready to go back to pills myself, then I thought wait a minute! With all I went through to get to this point, do I really just want to throw it all away? No! So what do I do? Well I know how to make edibles so why not sell them? Well not legal in Florida. I can make them and I can share with others patients but not exchange money. Hmm…. so someone says you can sell edibles with Hemp CBD. Yes! So until THC infused edibles are legal (very soon) in FL. I'm selling CBD edibles to pay for my medicine- Cannabis. Just remember this is Your Medicine and you're worth it! Where there's a will there's a way! You can do it Jaquie! 🧚‍♀️🌿🧞‍♀️😉🌳🧜‍♀️🧝‍♀️✌💚

  30. Unfortunately with medical cannabis we have to be our own expert. Hopefully things will move forward quickly in Florida this year. I hear we will be getting new dispensaries. Keep looking for the solution. Good Luck!

  31. Edibles have helped the most with my pain. They have the longest lasting effects and you can take a much higher dose.

  32. Trulieve Trueflower pods, work best, I tried all the same things as you with little results, this works well, I can’t wait to get a MUV here in North Florida 😍❤️ Looking better & happier, being able to eat whole food verses tube is a big deal! Congratulations 🎈🎉

  33. I live with chronic pain
    I can’t walk for the past 3 years. I been getting steroid injections
    I recently canceled my last one because the wanted 600 dollars. I thought why pay that much money if there not working. I don’t know what this doctor will say but I know it never helped. I’m at my wits end
    I don’t know what to do anymore.

  34. That hammer one is a good strain I use it at night for relaxation helps me with allowing myself to relax

  35. Are u more tolerant to Cannabis because of EDS ?? Meaning, whatever physiology of your EDS that makes your body metabolize Anesthesia differently and faster is perhaps what is happening with the Cannabis ????

    Just thinking out loud.

    🌺🌸xoxo Jamie and Sable🐶 🌸🌺

  36. Have you used an ENAIL with Quartz banger and coil? Or even just a rig and torch with quartz banger? I recommend highfivevapes. Try the distillates, BHOs, Rosin, crumbles. Those Truelieve syringes are 90% distillate right? You should be vaping that Trulieve oil in the syringe with a TORCH and Banger if a vape pen isnt enough power.

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