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🌱 Medical Cannabis FINALLY Helped My Pain! 🙌 (3/2/19)


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  1. Even after you're gone, I'm watching your videos and learning so much that helps me and gives me hope. I just wanted to say thank you to Jaquie, and let Judd and Jaquie's family know that her legacy is continuing and I'm sure I'm not the only one immensely grateful for Jaquie, her life, and all that's given others.
    Sending much love from Australia 💙

  2. I smoke weed to help my horrible insomnia and anxiety. Sometimes it doesn't help my insomnia but then again I love smoking and feeling high so in the moment I dont mind but when it wears off and I'm still exhausted it kinda sucks. But the one thing I make sure I do is only smoke when I know for sure I'm not driving for atleast 5 hours and then I only drive within a 5 minute drive. Please no one drive while high.

  3. I'm so happy for you awesome!! I am really grateful for your channel because more medical marijuana paitents need to talk to each other and help one another. Medical marijuana has saved my life in so many ways. But it's been hard to have had no one to talk to. Thanks Jaquie 😊

  4. Thank you Jacqueline for update I will be going out this weekend and trying Granddaddy Purple. I haven't had much luck finding pain relief. But has definitely help my gastroparesis. Loved your visit to Florida with your friend Lizzie. I find the hardest part of being disabled is you get excluded from everything. Cuz i just can't keep up. I need a broken a friend to LOL so glad you found some relief! Looking forward to trying it myself thank you God bless!

  5. How cool, Im gonna tell my son you say aminal too. We always go like how come he says it like that? He is gonna feel so cool now to know he is not so wired. lol Love your blog. Looking for a cannabis doctor for my self too. Hope it work for me as well.

  6. I’m waiting and waiting for my state to legalize it. I know for a fact it helps me. I have Eds, and have had 8 brain surgeries. I’m 16 and have been on narcotics for 4 years. I take OxyContin, oxycodone and Valium multiple times a day just to get out of bed. I wish my state would pass it!😕

  7. It's good to hear that cannabis is helping you. I hope you find continued improvement for it and that your state finally legalizes it more fully for Med. patients.

  8. When you said a ride scared you when you were little I Stitch’s great escape was the one that came to mind. I only rode it once when I was around 8 but I remember it scaring me some too

  9. CBD for some takes a few days to start working. Some requie higher dosages or medicinal green to tackle certain ailments. I am glad you joined the green movement though! Keep up the great work.

  10. I just submitted subtitles! I hope they are approved and I really hope it helps out subscribers and watchers that are hard of hearing <3

  11. LMAO…Harlow, doin' the crazy puppy runs. Our crazy Alabama does the same thing 😁 Always amazed how they pull off those sharp turns & direction changes without wiping out every time! 🤣

    Thanx for your vids, Jaquie. (Edit: sorry for mis-spell)
    Peace, healing and well wishes to you, your hubby, doggie and family.

  12. You know you can take down the info on the shirt, the tag and all that, and there’s a place you can contact Disney to order it? I don’t remember the exact details of who to contact but I know I’ve done it in the past.

  13. I just did a dumb during the sped up time-lapse of walking through the park and I was like Judd is pushing you incredibly fast, is that safe? then I did realise it was made faster, and he wasn't actually pushing you that fast

  14. Sure u were mellow….you were HIGH! You are doing TRIAL AND ERROR? What is the rx or sorry…Recommendation…what a joke…not a fan…from the dr? Whatever. I'm sooooo trying not to comment here bkz what I would have to say would hurt your feelings…and I really DON'T want to do that..
    so let me just say..
    Ummmm….bkz it's LEGAL I guess that's great that u found pain relief…I think I'll sign off here.
    Just a lot of questionable statements and things Jacquie…I think you should reread (if u read it in the first place which I doubt) that comment about Jesus.
    I'm sure you'll have this deleted or ignore it…so…peace out. I was once in your corner Jacquie…not anymore. I'm sorry, but?

  15. I really hope they legalize medical mj here in SC. Just got a political flyer demonizing a candidate because he supported it. It says he wanted to make SC a “Pot Party” and had pictures photoshopped of him wearing a Hawaiian shirt and smoking a weed pipe. 🙄 Idiotic BS!

  16. sometimes the first time you take marijuana it has no effect…but..the second time you take it you should feel what you feel. Glad its helping you!

  17. Hi Jaquie, i know this might be a sensitive subject, but would you ever do a video on chronic illness and finances? Like how you handle the extra financial hardship of chronic illness? this is something i struggle with for my own chronic illness. Love you! Harlow is the cutest!

  18. Yay! What a relief you must have experienced. I have neuropathy, POTS, EDS, edema etc and I usually take Hydrocodone but I took a CBD gel capsule tonight and it calmed it down for me. Enough so I think I get to sleep now…but now I feel hungry (I usually don’t)! 😂

  19. That's so encouraging, about the breakthrough with the cannabis! 👏🙂 Very happy for you, and hoping you can find exactly what you need to do on a regular basis from here on out, for the chronic pain remedy. I deal with 24/7 pain also… inflammation, digestive and sleep issues, e.t.c. I'm presently in Missouri, which passed medical marijuana last November, so I need to look into this as an option also. I really appreciate the information you have shared about this journey for you… it's very helpful to me. Glad that you had a fun birthday celebration, minus the pain and exhaustion. Harlow is so much fun to watch…a real joy and wonderful companion and Service Dog! I want to look into getting a Service dog for myself. Your videos on this subject are sure helpful and encouraging to me, thank you!! Many Birthday Blessings to you again…🐶😊💞

  20. Is that bio patch with gauze around your port? Ive been having lots of allergic reactions to the disks so we just use sterile gauze and the same needle as you and iv3000! Love you and your videos!!

  21. hey jaquie i am always in a lot of pain. i take oxycodone and now im taking cbd oil. the difference it has made in my life has been wonderful! im almost 400 lbs and my knees are gone. they wont do surgery on them because of my weight. i cry every step i i started taking the oil under the tongue. it helps with my pain so much. at least i can walk a little without screaming in pain. i pray you find the righg cannabis to help with your pain. i love watching harlow run around the yard. he is an amazing dog.

  22. YAY!!!! So happy you finally found something that works!!! Also remember the prices will go down as more products become available. It may take a while, but it will happen eventually.

  23. God bless you Jackie. You are a beautiful and wonderful young woman and I send blessings to Judd also. And of course to Harlow. May all of you have happy healthy long lives!💜💗💙🙋😇🙏👼

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