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⭐️Marijuana may increase your chance of stroke and heart failure

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  1. 11 and 26% risk of vaped or eaten? No

    Sample size? Controlled for extraneous variables like concomitant drug use or non Cannabis additives e.g. Mites or tobacco leaves???

    And why not mention cannabioids increase neuron survival by 50% post stroke or cardiac cell survival post (cardiotoxic) chemo administration? Happens in vivo. Got anecdotes piling up.

    No. No thought on all that.

    A synthetic or thc isolate reached phase 2b in stroke neuroprotection and only ended out of suspicious or auspicious circumstances according to Raphael Mechoulam phd

    But no continue conflating tobacco and marijuana smokers with HIV patients that brownie Mary was helping 30 years ago and continue blocking out how much suffering we fail to prevent due to bad drug laws

    And fail to mention in vivo low dose thc actually slows down atherosclerosis but yeah blame drug war ills on Cannabis


    Just a retrograde observational study???


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